Monday, June 1, 2009

Curtain Call

I have a new blog. I don't like this one.

New one. *click me* no don't

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mystery Solved! 12

So every time, I walked into a K-Mart, Coles, Officeworks, I seem to set the alarms of. Mind you it is not the best feeling ever.

I was on the phone with Jia, just before and she suggested some ideas. I had already thought of them, but it had slipped my mind, from all the studying etc etc.
So I decided to go through my wallet and wedged in one of the last card holders was a price tag. Its one of those price tags were on the back its got the metal things designed to set of those things. Gah.

Now its left a stick residue on one of the back of my card holders and I think some of the metal things have remain stuck there.

Studying is going fine - going through one chapter of law and IBIS a day.

That is all for now =]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't know why I don't blog regularly, or not often enough. Hm...I'm not sure. Maybe I'm spending too much time doing something else.
Firstly, I want to wish my brother happy 27 years young for tomorrow. He still lives at home with his parents and me. Fantastic =] No...I was not being sarcastic. =/ Hey, I'll probably be 30 and still living at home!

So..let's see what has been happening.
Been talking to April. I always find those conversations very interesting, lighthearted, funny and oh so compelling. But, sigh~, I can't get around the fact of this shisha thing or something rather. I have no clue what that stuff is but just staring at the word just already seems so bad already. Gah~ I wish she would stop it...but I really can't foresee it happening anytime soon. Miss you, bubz.
I don't know why I get so down when I think about it. Perhaps, I care for her =/ Or maybe so many people with illnesses which have been smoking related. I am already accepting of the fact of all the other thing she does, but at least the stuff isn't harmful. Like seriously, I reckon, drinking toilet water is less harmful. Sheesh~

Exams in 3 weeks, revision has started and well slowly getting my head around things. I'm not sure where to start. Yes yes I know what your thinking, "From the start, dumbass". I agree as well. So from now till 11th June, I shall study and isolate myself from the outside do that already =/
True Fact: Eugene has went 3 months without ever receiving a SMS..without initiating one. ='(

I spent a good 15 minutes during lunch today, weighing up the pro's and con's of drinking Cat Milk:
* It's just milk, less lactose
* Could compare to that Devondale Long-Life stuff?
* Probably tastes like Milk...hence the word "MILK"
* Probably comes from Cows
* I'd enjoy it more than Ralfiee? Ralfie sounds like a mouse name.

*Probably more expensive and less quantity than regular milk
* Isn't stored in the fridge.

Uni tomorrow. Can't wait~ Actually, only a few people only understand why I enjoy university on Wednesday =p
Dinner time / Masterchef time. Go Poh!
Gosh~ I GOT to have something more interesting or better to blog about.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

No number...this dosent count as a post

Barney: Moist

So Eugene had a epiphany.
Every morning, I wake up to this person on my mind. I suppose, perhaps, I fall asleep thinking about this person, but it's weird because when I think about this person, I don't feel any lighter or any different for that matter.
Yet, it was a recent post did I and before...while I was getting a cookie to eat:
1. Why am I blogging this for everyone to see?
2. I could be watching TV...or studying for my exam 2mr (I was forced to blog)
3. Maybe I like this person...or perhaps I want something more from them.

The fact is that, I'm not sure if they like me back. They say those 3 words, but do they mean it...or is it just everyday common language to them which means absolutely nothing or/and no substance to them. I haven't known this person for long, but, we get along.
Maybe this person is someone who I'm comfortable with. Someone who I can consider closer than anyone else? I'm annoyed that we don't talk more )=

Perhaps, I don't like this person, but instead, ranting about how this person should look after themselves more, prioritize, study harder, make less stupid decisions, achieve dreams and goals.
....or maybe how I'm jealous. Ask me about that one (yes YOU, I know your reading this - hint...what comes after: 10..)

But what scares me the most is that, or so this person tells me, once someone likes them, they lose interest. So will they or won't they now, since they know it.
I don't think your fat contrary to what I say all the time. =]
You are smart, adorable and we can talk eye to eye.
Perhaps, as a footnote, I can see myself, for the first time, watching a movie , with you...amongst all other sorts...ask me about that one too.
If you are that stupid and don't know who you are...1 final clue: Cat Milk.

Maybe it will become clearer in due time....
Study hard.

I love you.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello peoples. Ahh...assignments are all officially completed for this semester. Phew~ Now its just all those pesky exams coming up in less than a months time. Wish me luck~
I'm sad overall D=
So, the purpose of my blogging. Something or someone rather just occurred to me which I never thought was a significant thing - how wrong was I.

So let me set the scene: Mt Waverley Library, October 2007.
For naming reasons I'm going to naming them Person "A" and Person "B"
It was a long time ago, but it is still very clear in my mind. I was linked to Person A (We never dated or anything...thank god ><). However, Person B never really approved of Person A, and a futile argument occurred. It was futile because despite all of B's attempts, I refused to listen - caught up in all the flurry.

Turns out, after all, B was right. I never had the opportunity to thank them wholeheartedly, face to face - just through words, which are never enough. As a result, my friendship with B will probably never be the same as it was before this happened.

To B. I am forever grateful. You are adorable, smart and my words or actions can never describe how things have changed because of this - for the better. Thank you for looking out for me =]
If you are unsure of who you are, still, you offered me a Ferraro Roche, saying that you "don't usually offer people chocolate". Hope that triggers something?
I promise you, "B", I will attempt to make it up to you one day.
愛してる <3
Thank you.

I absolutely love this song...its so beautiful ><
Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Dear. Mom

Also the final episode of Scrubs ever as well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


How come everybody has something to blog about except me?! How come I lead a boring life with nothing to rant or write about D'=

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Assignment List

Organizations and Management 20 Minute Presentation

Introduction to Business Information Systems Assignment 3

Introduction to Business Information Systems Presenntation

Accounting Newspaper Journal

Business Law Question 8D

Business Law Question 8

ai...ho farn arr D=